Easy Home Security

Have you always wanted to keep an eye on your home while you were away but thought the cost and complexity was just too much to handle? Times have changed and prices are down.

There are many different options available but below is one that have have tested extensively and I’m confident in its reliability.

EzViz is available on Amazon. I recommend the CTQ3W version. This unit will provide color images at night and can be viewed on your phone while away.

Purchase here!

The unit just needs power and a WIFI signal to work. Recording will need a micro SD card purchased separately. If you would like more advice or installation help please contact me at rick@ricmer.com

This type of camera is perfect for starting to protect your home. As with all camera systems this will not catch everything. The settings of motion determine how much motion is caught. I can also provide assistance with programming and/or installation of these cameras. This is just a small piece of security you can easily install. There are many other options available and I can provide a great solution for your needs.

Send me a message below and let me know what you need.

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