Save $$$ on your phone bill!

Along with supporting your new phone purchase and data transfer, ask me about how to get a $25 credit toward a new cellphone activation on the inexpensive phone company Ting Mobile. Ting is a 3rd party mobile service that has access to the top 3 mobile networks in the country. Service in the greater Blair County area is very reliable using Verizon towers. I personally have been using Ting since 2014 with my bills currently for 2 smart phones being $37.25 per month with unlimited talk and text and 2GB of data used.

With Ting Mobile you could pay as low as $15 per month plus taxes with unlimited talk and text. See if your device is compatible here. If you need help, contact me today for free advice on moving to Ting and your activation code to get a $25 credit.

Get your new phone up and running fast with my personal tech support. Starting at $30 I can get your data transferred to a new phone and help get your new phone activated with any carrier. Call or text or email me at

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