Home networking (too many devices)

As we continue down the path of everything being connected, home networks are looking more like a network found in a office building of 10 years ago. These office networks were run by trained IT personel and could have over 100 connections. Switches were $1000 cisco switches that handled traffic almost flawlesly.

Now we are seeing homes with 25 to 50 connections(or even more) on a $60 TP-link router. (Or worse an internet provider provided unit).

This is now creating conflicts within the home network switches and routers causing things like loss of internet intermittently. Restarting frequently “fixes” the internet but the underlying cause is just too much for the router to handle. I call it brain scramble. A common fix could be upgrading to a higher end router that has technical specs for handling the many connections found in todays homes.

Here is a great list of routers capable of the large number of devices.

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