Fix that WIFI dead spot with powerline adapters!

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This great product from TP-Link can extend your network in your home to dead spots like your patio or garage. The technology behind this powerline adapter has been around for over 20 years. First implemented commercially as the brand name X10 protocol it has been used to control lighting circuits in homes and businesses successfully for many years.

It has gone through many years of implementation and never was as reliable as it is today. With advancements in programing and filtering, todays units are much more powerful and reliable reaching gigabit speeds inside the home.

I am now confident in the technology to work consistently inside your home to provide a reliable and fast internet connection. There are many different brands in the market and I can’t say how different they are but I can say that I have used the TP-Link WPA units in several installations and have had nothing but success.

TP-Link Power Line Adapter

This is a link to the units I encourage my clients to use. I am happy to install/program these if you are not comfortable for a fixed $40. This includes install, programing of the unit itself and assistance with connecting your mobile devices to the unit. While I’m there take advantage of a free technology assessment of your tech needs or how to better use what you already have.

Check out my entire selection of items that I recommend at the Tech Store.

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