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Rick Merritts

301 Riggles Gap Sportsmen Rd
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New clients always get a free consultation.

Call me up or message me to see how I can help you with your technology needs. Check out all the services that are available below. Want a quick rundown of what I can and can’t do check out the FAQ below.

Basic design services available:

Design services are based on project scope and can be estimated before any work is completed.

Design may include site visits but it is determined by each project.

Business Wireless Design
Home Office Tech Design
Home Audio Planning
Office Audio Planning
Home Wi-Fi Designs

Web services:

Web services encompasses many aspects. Most are a per hour basis others can be a retainer for ongoing projects.

Web services can be a simple fix up a website to full on social media active presence where I can control your online responses as well as posts to engage your base of customers.

Basic Website Design
Website maintenance
Social media guidance
Social media active presence
Email setup and maintenance

Installation services:

With any consultation I can help explain how products should be installed but I can also install them for you. These services are estimated for each project.

Business Audio installation
Home Audio installation
Business Wifi installation
Home Wifi installation
Other Specialty installs

Personal Tech:

Everyday there are new gadgets available and each one can have a large list of menus controls that are extremely complicated. As these get more complicated they are even not including instructions. I’m here to help you get going and not be afraid of those new gadgets. Most services in this category require you to come in person.

Digital watch setup$10
Phone lesson$20
Scope bore sighting$5
Personal digital itemsContact

Rick Merritts

301 Riggles Gap Sportsmen Rd
Altoona, PA 16601

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