Home Energy Loss

This time of year is a great time to look for insulation deficiencies in your home. You can find big heat losses yourself with this tip about your roof. After a snow fall check your roof to see where the snow is melting the fastest. These spots are where heat is escaping your home the greatest and will be the best place to start sealing your home from air leaks.

In this image you can see the ridge is venting enough warm air to melt a lot of snow. The vent is doing what it is designed for but there is excessive heat being lost. Getting a closer look at the attic or crawl space could determine where the lack of insulation is located.

Take a look at your roof and compare to your neighbors and you’ll be able to see how well your home is insulated. You can take the average of snow cover on other homes and see if you have more or less. If your neighbors still have snow covered roofs and your roof is clear, you should look at what you can do to better insulate your home.

Contact me for a thermal energy audit this winter. See where the greatest heat loss is in your home and what might be causing it. I will give you tips and tricks on saving energy this winter.

The image below shows insulation missing or shifted allowing heat to be lost from the home.

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