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Providing Home Inspection and Aerial Photography for Blair and surrounding counties.

Home Inspection

I guarantee I’ll give you my very best effort for your home inspection. Learn more here!

Aerial Photography

If you allow me to photograph your property I will provide great views of your home or landscape from above. I’m certified from the FAA and have a background in photography and videography. More Info Here!

  • Spring is Here! Almost….
    It is important to occasionally take some time to look over your home. Taking a few minutes and checking on a few important parts of your home will give you peace of mind that your home will be safe and last long into the future. When it warms up and the snow is done flyingContinue reading “Spring is Here! Almost….”
  • Home Energy Loss
    This time of year is a great time to look for insulation deficiencies in your home. You can find big heat losses yourself with this tip about your roof. After a snow fall check your roof to see where the snow is melting the fastest. These spots are where heat is escaping your home theContinue reading “Home Energy Loss”
  • Welcome to My Home inspection site.
    I’m Rick Merritts from Altoona, PA and I’m here to provide the best home inspection I can. Your inspection doesn’t end after I leave, I’m available for any questions you may have about your home. I’m very knowledgeable in building sciences with training from International Association of Certified Home Inspectors. I have 12 years experienceContinue reading “Welcome to My Home inspection site.”

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